Excess Reserves and M2 Money Supply Chart

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What we see here is that the banks are holding excess reserves in excess of  $1.7 trillions, this is not part of the money in circulation and does not effect market prices. However, M2 money supply incresed by $3.2 trillions since the beginning of great recession in December of 2007 and this money definitely does affect prices.

Below is the M3 chart, FED stopped publishing M3 numbers so the chart only shows figures up to 2006.

M3 Money Supply 1959 to 2006


Below is the Federal Reserve balance sheet dated 2013-08-14. The FED buys assets with the money it creates adding to the money supply in addition to the monetary base. Total asset figure is $3.68 trillions, this money is in circulation.

FED Assets and Liabilities


The Lies of Nouriel Roubini and Gold

lies of the financial elite

On December 15, 2009, when gold was trading at $1122 per troy ounce, Nouriel Roubini stated, “Since gold has no intrinsic value…there are significant risks of a downward correction rather than a rapid rise towards $2,000, as today’s gold bugs claim” and gold “looks suspiciously like a bubble”. A 35% drop after a bubble bursting is a reasonable fall for “bubble” talk, which would have sent gold into the low $700s per ounce. A month earlier, Roubini had declared, “gold at $1,500 is utter nonsense.” So how did gold perform after Roubini hawked his “gold is a bubble” message all over the news? Not only did it never retreat back to $700 after Roubini ranted against gold, but it never retreated back to $800 or even $900, and in fact it soared to above $1,900 an ounce less than two years higher, a 69% surge higher that not only crushed Roubini’s “gold at $1,500 is utter nonsense” declaration, but made Roubini’s prediction of gold’s future price behavior utterly wrong by more than 100%. Continue reading