The Lies of Nouriel Roubini and Gold

lies of the financial elite

On December 15, 2009, when gold was trading at $1122 per troy ounce, Nouriel Roubini stated, “Since gold has no intrinsic value…there are significant risks of a downward correction rather than a rapid rise towards $2,000, as today’s gold bugs claim” and gold “looks suspiciously like a bubble”. A 35% drop after a bubble bursting is a reasonable fall for “bubble” talk, which would have sent gold into the low $700s per ounce. A month earlier, Roubini had declared, “gold at $1,500 is utter nonsense.” So how did gold perform after Roubini hawked his “gold is a bubble” message all over the news? Not only did it never retreat back to $700 after Roubini ranted against gold, but it never retreated back to $800 or even $900, and in fact it soared to above $1,900 an ounce less than two years higher, a 69% surge higher that not only crushed Roubini’s “gold at $1,500 is utter nonsense” declaration, but made Roubini’s prediction of gold’s future price behavior utterly wrong by more than 100%. Continue reading