Excess Reserves and M2 Money Supply Chart

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What we see here is that the banks are holding excess reserves in excess of  $1.7 trillions, this is not part of the money in circulation and does not effect market prices. However, M2 money supply incresed by $3.2 trillions since the beginning of great recession in December of 2007 and this money definitely does affect prices.

Below is the M3 chart, FED stopped publishing M3 numbers so the chart only shows figures up to 2006.

M3 Money Supply 1959 to 2006


Below is the Federal Reserve balance sheet dated 2013-08-14. The FED buys assets with the money it creates adding to the money supply in addition to the monetary base. Total asset figure is $3.68 trillions, this money is in circulation.

FED Assets and Liabilities


Should The Government Subsidize Silly Walks?


conservative think tanks: believing food, clean energy, and education is the same as silly walks.


You demand you clean energy subsidy—I demand my silly walks subsidy! Your demand is as good as mine in democracy.

except that in reality i can give good reason why it benefits everyone involved to invest in clean drinking water and an educated populous.
If somehow you were able to give sufficient evidence that your silly walks warrant the price your asking, then we SHOULD invest in your silly walk.


Except that in democracy “good reason” is not a prerequisite for popular demand—the votes are. Majority need only elect those politicians in power who promise to deliver silly walks subsidies. If a legal challenge is initiated by the minority—pro-silly walks majority can defeat it legislatively. If need be the constitution can be amended defining “silly walks” as one of the basic human rights.

Silly walks—not the brightest idea—but neither is democracy! Continue reading