AB 88 California’s Wal-Mart Bill

I agree that it is totally preposterous to defend the indefensible. Attention state of California low income shoppers: food prices are about to go up considerably. I wonder how much? Wal-Mart will still have corporate profits, make no mistake. They will either bow out of states like California joining the thousands of other businesses who have already left or begin layoffs. Net migration to California is -1,470,000 over a 10 year period 2002 to 2012 according to the US Census Bureau. It’s not hard to imagine many of these people are business people who used to hire Californians. Given the unemployment rate (tier 1) of 9.8% last December, its not like California needs any jobs. Perhaps you don’t like Wal-Mart. Perhaps you like the local small business that sells the same exact product at 35% more, thus substantially lowering your living standard. At the cash register, don’t forget to pay your exorbitant 11.2% sales tax, plus all the increases as the mindless legislature tries to balance the books.

Chief Executive Magazine votes California as the absolute worst state to do business in America, not a resounding endorsement of a state that open ignores some of the prime concepts of business. Over regulation, massive taxation and an almost abusive attitude towards any business not associated with Hollywood gives California a soiled reputation among business executives.

The big problem is that people do, indeed, need services and products. Of course, its so difficult to buy what you need when your one of the 9.8 percenters without a job, one of the thousands of businesses without profits or stuck in the middle class coughing up massive property, sales, income and other taxes.

It seems odd that one would put California on such a pedestal, given that their irresponsible government types conspire to keep the state and city payrolls as the highest in the country, as if it were a race to bankruptcy. Last time I checked, the police chief in Fort Worth made something like $140,000 annually. In Belle California, the former chief only made $548,000 for a town of less than 50,000 people. The downward spiral of California continues. Maybe businesses like Wal-Mart are better off not doing business there. After all, the newest Apple development office just opened in . . . you guessed it . . . Plano TX.


One thought on “AB 88 California’s Wal-Mart Bill

  1. Isn’t this bill intended to fix the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act that was intended to fix the unintended consequences of Medicare & Medicaid, likely to result in unintended consequences necessitating a fix by another well-intended bill and so on ad infinitum?

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